How to Choose Tennis Strings

How to Choose Tennis Strings

If you’re not playing with the right string, it could be costing you games. Learn how to choose a tennis string.

how to regrip a tennis racket

How to Regrip a Tennis Racket

Learn how to regrip a tennis racket with this easy guide – it’ll only take a few minutes and you’ll be hitting those balls like a pro in no time!

How High is the tennis net

Tennis Net Height

Learn the tennis net height official rules. Find out how high is the tennis net, how to measure it, and more.

The Best Tennis Rackets Options

The Best Tennis Rackets of 2022

We reviewed the best tennis rackets for every style of play and budget. Read on to find out what our picks are, and how we tested them.

Head SpeedPro 2022 Tennis Racket

Head Speed Pro 2022 Review and Playtest

The newest addition to the Head Speed line, the Head Speed Pro 2022 is a racket that offers power and control for intermediate to advanced players. To see if that stands, we decided to playtest it.