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Whether you are just trying out tennis for the first time or playing in a Grand Slam”s final, you’ll need a tennis net to play. That might seem like basic common sense, but a lot of things go on in this essential piece of equipment that every player should know. The most important thing to consider is the tennis net height, which directly impacts the quality and sometimes even the game’s result. 

Yes, it is that important because if the tennis net dimensions aren’t adjusted properly, then you’ll not be able to land the ball on the opponent’s side of the court, regardless of your skill level or performance. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the height of a tennis court net, so you’ll be able to make the measurement and the adjustments yourself. If by any chance, you are planning to build your own tennis court, then you’ll definitely need to know this stuff. So keep scrolling! 

How High is The Tennis Net?

The height of a tennis net should be 42 inches (or 106 cm) at the posts, and 36 inches tall (or 91.4 cm) in the middle, as set by the official guidelines of the International Tennis Federation

tennis net height

Height of a Tennis Net in the Middle

The tennis net height is lower in the middle, and to some, it might look like it’s sagging down the court, but that’s because of the rules of mother nature and those of tennis play a big role. The first has to do with gravity pulling the tennis net down due to the lack of sufficient tension applied to the metal cables or the net cord.

If you had paid attention to the boring physic lessons at school, you’d probably remember that it’s impossible to hang even a single string perfectly straight under the influence of gravity forces because the string has its own mass, causing it to sag down. Pretty sure a physician could explain it better, but that’s it’s the scientific reason why the height of tennis in the middle is lower, explained in very simple terms. 

Secondly, it makes the game easier, fun, and more entertaining to watch because it encourages the players to go for longer rallies. If you have some basic knowledge of the game, you should have noticed that the players hit at the side only when aiming to close the point and are going for a winner. That move, though, is of higher risk and requires skills and experience because it’s not easy to do. 

The middle of the net is the best area to hit cross-court shots because it’s easier for the players and has less risk of missing a target. 

Official Tennis Net Height Rules

As already mentioned, the official tennis net height is determined by the IFT guidelines, which is the most reliable source when it comes to the game’s rules and instructions.

According to IFT standards, the tennis net is attached to two posts on either side of a court with a height of three and a half feet. The net should measure three feet at the center and have a strap to hold it down tightly. The measurements can be converted in the following way. 

official tennis net height

However, the court’s dimensions also dictate the placement of the net posts. For singles matches, the net posts should be situated three feet outside the singles court, while in doubles matches, the net posts should be situated three feet outside the doubles court. 

Whether you play tennis in singles or doubles, you’ll need to know how to prop up the net. With only a few exceptions, the majority of the tennis courts do not have post anchors for single or double nets. 

The side posts in tennis courts are typically anchored three feet outside the doubles court. If that’s the case, you should use singles sticks to prop up the net. Otherwise, the net will hang lower than it should during single matches. 

Pickleball vs. Tennis Net Height

In recent years, pickleball, which resembles tennis, has become very popular. If you are thinking about switching between these two games, you might wonder how high the tennis net is compared to the pickleball one. 

The height of a tennis net is six inches higher than that of a pickleball net, while the center of each is only two inches higher. Because the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, the net’s height is slightly shorter and narrower than a tennis net.

Here are the differences in the standard heights between tennis and pickleball nets. 

Pickleball vs. Tennis Net Height

The official measurements for pickleball net listed above correspond to the measurements guidelines provided by the Pickleball Association of the United States

Other Sports vs. Tennis Net Height

The net is an essential utility to many other sports as well, similar to tennis, such as paddle or tennis beach. The rules and the court setting are also much similar, but the net height differs with each. 

A tennis net height is five inches taller at the sides and two inches higher at the center compared to a paddle net. When it comes to beach tennis, the height differences are even more noticeable, especially because the tennis beach net varies for women and men players. The beach tennis net is much higher and is the same on the sides as it is in the middle. 

Here are the differences in the standard heights between tennis, paddle, and beach tennis net.

Sport SideCenter
Paddle3′ 1″ / 37″ / 0.94 m / 94 cm2′10″ / 34″ / 0.864 m / 86.4 cm
Beach tennis for women 5′ 7″ / 67″ / 1.7 m / 170 cm 5′ 7″ / 67″ / 1.7 m / 170 cm
Beach tennis for men 5′ 11″ / 71 / 1.8 m / 180 cm 5′ 11″ / 71” / 1.8 m / 180 cm
Standart tennis3’6” / 42”/ 1.067 m / 106.7 cm 3′ / 36″ / 0.914 m / 91.4 cm

How to Measure Tennis Net Height

Measuring a tennis net is easy, and you can learn to do it yourself by simply following these instructions. Bring a measuring tape that extends to three feet the next time you hit the court. Once you are there, start from the center, where you’ll notice a white band or a center strap on the ground. Then all you have to do is break down the process by measuring the net up and down. 

height of tennis net in middle

If you are part of a tennis club, usually this is something that the staff takes care of by doing semi-regular measurements. But if you play mostly in public courts, it is something you have to do yourself because there are no regular checks. Either way, it’s best to keep a measuring tape in your tennis bag, just in case. 

Another way you can measure the tennis net height is by using measuring sticks, which you can purchase on the market. They are usually made of wood or plastic materials and are very easy to use. All you have to do is repeat the same process as you would with a measuring tape, as explained above. 

Your tennis racket can come in handy, too, supposing it is of a standard height of 27 inches (or 68.58 cm). At the racket’s bottom, mark a 9’’ length and add this to the racket’s 27” height so that you can measure the net height. The process is the same; you should start from the center and then measure up and down. 

Adjusting Tennis Net Height

Learning to measure the tennis net height is not enough; it’s also important to know how to make the right adjustments to it. If the net is too high on the ground or hanging too low, it will affect the game outcome, making it unnecessarily harder for you to perform at the best of your abilities. So how should you adjust the tennis net height? 

height of a tennis net

It’s easy! Just go to the net’s center, where the white straps are, and pull it below or above the metal buckle that you’ll see there. To lower the net’s height, you should pull the strap as tight as it’s necessary. If you need to increase the height, just feed the strap to the buckle until it reaches the ideal height. 

If the center straps are old, making the proper adjustments can be quite challenging, so you should be a little patient with it. It’s always best to go for high-quality straps because they tend to hold their position better and adjust faster. 

The weather elements, like the wind or rain, can cause the straps to loosen up faster, especially if they come in a cheap quality; that’s why it’s important to measure the tennis net height regularly, especially for the outdoor courts. 

If you are out of luck, it might happen that the net height is not at the required height of three feet and 36 inches yet, even after completely loosening up the straps. In this case, you should look out for a reel at one of the court’s posts. 

Use a handle to crack it tighter so that you can adjust the net’s height. However, if you play in a public court, chances are that the handle has been removed not to confuse people or not to risk somebody stealing them. If so, you only have two alternatives; call the local office that is in charge of taking care of the park, and wait until they come by to make the adjustments.

Or you can use a wrench or some pliers yourself to fix the problem if you have the right skills, of course, and are completely certain that you won’t be damaging or scratching the hardware. 

Tennis Net Height Checker

Measuring and adjusting the tennis net height is necessary for all players, but all of these processes might sound like a lot of work. Well, if you want to focus on improving your skills, you don’t have time to lose, right? 

If that’s how you feel, too, then you can go for the easy fix and buy a tennis net height checker. These are basically measuring devices, made especially for the tennis net, that can extend to three feet long. All you have to do is hold it at the net’s center for a quick measuring process. 

A net checker is simple to use, can easily fit into your tennis bag, and usually are pretty affordable. You can purchase them in your local store or order one online; plenty of options are available in the markets. 

Final Thoughts 

You learned everything there is to know about the tennis net height, how to measure it, and how to adjust it properly. This is a crucial skill for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals, because it directly impacts the game’s outcome. 

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to play better tennis and be more comfortable on the court, knowing that the net height didn’t rob you of some precious point. It’s okay if you can’t memorize all of the information at once; just save this article and come back as many times as you’ll find necessary. 


Installing the tennis net at the right height is essential for playing and practicing on with standard tennis game rules. This becomes an easy task as long as you have the correct dimensions of the tennis net. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about tennis net height.

Q: Are pickleball nets and tennis nets the same height?

No, pickleball nets and tennis nets are not the same height. The official net height for a pickleball game is set at 2.75 feet (34 inches) tall in the middle, while a tennis net should be 3 feet (36 inches) tall in the middle. On the sides, the pickleball net height is 3 feet (36 inches), and the tennis net height is 3.5 feet (42 inches).

Q: What is the correct height of a tennis net?

The correct height of a tennis net is 3 feet (36 inches) tall in the middle and 3.6 feet (42 inches) at the posts.

Q: Is the net lower in women’s tennis?

No. The net height is the same in both men’s and women’s tennis. The official net height for women’s tennis is 3.6 feet at the sides and 3 feet at the center.

Q: Can a tennis net be used for pickleball?

Yes, a tennis net can be used for pickleball, but it will need to be lowered to the correct height. For a tennis net to be used for pickleball, it should be 3 feet (36 inches) tall in the middle and 3.5 feet (42 inches) at the sides.

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