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Whether you are a tennis star with years of experience or a beginner that has just started out, you need the best tennis bags. This is essential since players carry around a lot of tennis gear during games and practice sessions. 

While the tennis backpack you have will not affect your skills or be a factor in your results, it will definitely help you be more comfortable and organized. A wide range of backs has different features useful for players with different skill levels and needs. 

Listen! We all have our favorite tennis star, whom we love and look up to. But, this doesn’t mean you need to use the same gears, especially not the same tennis bag. A professional player might carry around 12 tennis rackets in a bag, which you might not need. It will be a waste of money and inconvenient.

To make things easier for you, we have reviewed some of the best tennis bags, for different categories, based on their practicality, design, popularity, etc. Keep on reading; surely you will find a tennis bag that you need and love. 

  1. Best for Men: Babolat Pure Drive RH x12 Bag
  2. Best for Women: Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag
  3. Best Budget: Athletico 3-Racket Bag 
  4. Best Backpack: Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack
  5. Best Double Take: Wilson Women’s Tennis Tote Bag
  6. Best with Shoe Compartment: Babolat Pure 9 Racquet Bag
  7. Best Duffel Bag: Head Gravity 12R Duffel Tennis Racket bag
  8. Best for High School: Athletico Sling Bag 
  9. Best Waterproof: Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Tennis Bag
  10. Best Luxury: T Monogram Jacquard Tennis Bag

Best Tennis Bags Reviewed 

The valuable background information above will be helpful when reading up on what we consider to be the best tennis bags in their respective categories currently available.

The Best Tennis Bags Options: Babolat Pure Drive RH x12 Bag

If you are looking for premium quality, then the Babolat Pure Drive RH x12 bag can be a perfect choice. This tennis bag ticks all the right boxes; it is functional, versatile, spacious, and has a great design. 

This Babolat bag can hold up to 15 tennis rackets; two of its compartments come with isothermal protection to prevent the loss of string tension. It also has a ventilated compartment, especially for shoes. The accessories pocket is where you can store other tennis gear or personal things, such as overgrips, towels, phones, keys, etc. 

The bag comes with adjustable straps that you can also wear as a backpack, designed to be super comfortable for the shoulders. It only comes in two colors, though, bright and dark blue.


  • Can hold up to 15 rackets 
  • Isothermal isolation 
  • It has a shoe compartment 
  • A lot of space
  • Adjustable and comfortable straps 


  • Limited color options
  • Might be expensive 

Best for Women
The Best Tennis Bags Options: Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag

We rated the Wilson Advantage Tennis bag as the best tennis bag for women players because it does a great job of combining practicality, comfort, and style. If you are used to carrying around many tennis gears, you will certainly love how spacious the Wilson Advantage bag is. 

It has plenty of room to store up to three tennis rackets, extra tennis balls, towels, and clothes. It also has an accessories pocket, in which you can put all the stuff you want to have easy access, such as keys, sweatbands, a bottle of water, or some snacks. 

The Wilson tennis bag has a handle and a patted shoulder strap, making it quite comfortable to carry around. It comes in multiple colors, including black, white, neutrals, and flashy pink. It also comes at a very good price; it is probably one of the most inexpensive tennis bags from a household name, such as Wilson. 

This isn’t a bag to take with you while traveling, especially if you are a professional athlete. The Wilson Advantage bag is more suitable for beginners and intermediate players who need enough space for their items during practices and recreational level games. 


  • Plenty of space
  • It can hold up to 3 racquets 
  • Accessories pockets 
  • Multiple colors 
  • Very good price 


  • Not good for traveling 
  • Not suitable for professionals

Get Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag on Wilson’s Official Site or on Amazon.

Best Budget
The Best Tennis Bags Options: Athletico 3-Racket Bag 

If you are searching for a great quality tennis bag at a very affordable price, then look no further. Surprisingly, the Athletico 3-Racket bag is very much like with Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag but at a much more affordable price. 

This bag has a padded compartment that can hold up to three standard rackets and an accessory pocket to store all the belongings. The extra outer pocket is very convenient for placing your keys, cellphone, or tennis balls and has easy access whenever.

The Athletico bag also features a padded over-the-shoulder strap and a tote handle, making it easy to carry around. It has a comfortable and lightweight design. The bag material is made of polyester fabric, which is durable and designed to last for a long time. The brand also offers the option of full compensation if you decide to return the bag for whatever reason. 


  • Very good price 
  • Comfortable and lightweight 
  • Highly durable 


  • Limited interior space 

The Best Tennis Bags Options: Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

This Wilson backpack is named in honor of Roger Federer, as it is his signature bag. So if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for the rest of us while hitting the court. Indeed, this back offers a perfect balance between functionality and style. 

The Wilson Federer backpack is a perfect option for those players who want to pack lightly on the court, carrying their essentials only. Once zipped up, the bag has two main compartments with locking zippers to ensure that the rackets will stay in their place. By the way, this bag can hold two rackets at max. It has more than enough interior space to hold up necessary items such as tennis balls, towels, clothes, etc. 

The Wilson’s bag also features a shoe compartment in the front, which is convenient. You’ll find two zipped pockets on the backside, one to carry personal belongings such as keys or a cellphone, with easy access always. The other pocket is thermal lined to store drinks and snacks, keeping them at an optimal temperature, even on hotter days. Isn’t that such a cool feature to have? 

The padded backpack straps are very comfortable, and it also has a handle on the top, making this tennis backpack so convenient to carry around. The Wilson’s Federer Tennis Backpack can be used even outside the court for daily use. 


  • Has shoe compartment 
  • Thermoguard pocket for water and snacks 
  • Can be used in daily routine
  • Side pockets for essential 
  • Padded comfortable backstraps 


  • Ventilation can be improved 

Get Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack on Wilson’s Official Site or on Amazon.

The Best Tennis Bags Options: Wilson Women’s Tennis Tote Bag

If you are looking for a high-quality bag without compromising on design and style, this Wilson tennis bag is the one for you. You will stand out for all the right reasons, in and out of the court, as this bag can be used for other purposes, rather than tennis. 

Wilson’s Women’s Tennis Tote Bag carries up to two rackets (or a laptop). It has much more pocket than one would expect and is a great internal organization. The bag features a thermo guard internal pocket to keep snacks and an internal mesh sleeve to keep a water bottle. 

To keep dirty clothes away, this bag offers two ventilated exterior pockets. A bunch of other internal pockets will help you organize your essentials, keeping everything neat and clean. 

Overall, this Wilson’s bag is a great option if you are not carrying many items on the court other than the essentials. Even though this isn’t the bag with the most space, it will definitely help you stay organized and put together. It is light, compact, and has a timeless style. 


  • Great design and style 
  • Organized 
  • Thermoguard internal pockets
  • Has a bunk of pockets 
  • Can be for other reasons than tennis 


  • Not too much internal space 
  • Might be expensive 

Best with Shoe Compartment
The Best Tennis Bags Options: Babolat Pure 9 Racquet Bag

Babolat Pure 9 racket tennis takes things to another level when it comes to functionality, comfort, and design. This bag has a lot of space and can hold up to 9 rackets. It offers three main compartments, and one of them is isothermally lined, which helps to protect your tennis gear from heat damage. In the entire length of the side back, you can find internal pockets to help keep your belongings more organized while also having easy access.

The bag’s best feature is the shoe compartment on top of the bag. It is ventilated to prevent bad smells, but it also has a removable sack, where you can place dirty clothes, socks, sweatbands, or whatever you find reasonable.

This Babolat bag has three handles to help carry around and adjustable backpack straps. If you often travel with this bag, you can also use the name tag to write your name to be easier to find. 


  • Dedicated shoe storage 
  • Removable sack for dirty clothes
  • Thermalguard racket compartments 
  • A lot of organized space 
  • Comfortable backpack straps 


  • The backstraps are not removable 

The Best Tennis Bags Options: Head Gravity 12R Duffel Tennis Racket bag

This tennis duffel bag is perfect if you want to have a lot of space to store your stuff. This is the latest update of the Gravity line, which has had tremendous success on tennis sports bags. 

It can hold up to 12 rackets and has a place to store the rest of your items. The bag features an adjustable Velcro storage system, making the internal space more organized. The internal zipper pockets can be used to keep personal belongings, such as your wallet, keys, or cell phone. 

The Head back also has a specialized shoe compartment, which is ventilated. The grab handle and the padded straps make it easy and comfortable to be carried around. 


  • Lots of organized space 
  • Bunch of internal pockets
  • Ventilated shoe compartment 
  • Comfortable 


  • Can be expensive 

Best for High School
The Best Tennis Bags Options: Athletico Sling Bag 

High schoolers might want to opt-out of a bag that can be used on the tennis court and also in their daily routine. Athletico Sling Bag is the one to stand out for this particular category. This bag has a great yet simple design in three colors. It is a high-quality tennis bag that comes with some premium features.

It has a lot of space to store your items that can hold up to two tennis rackets and lots of internal pockets to keep things neat and organized. The bag has an anti-theft pocket to store your essentials. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry around. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Stylish
  • High-quality design 
  • Organized space
  • Can be used for other reasons than tennis


  • Limied internal space

The Best Tennis Bags Options: Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack tennis bag combines both practicality and style. This is a great choice, especially for professional players that travel often. We have rated this as the best waterproof bag due to the Tarpaulin reinforcement, an unbreakable material that offers UV protection and is water-resistant. 

The Tecnifibre Tour Endurance bag can hold up to 15 rackets. It offers a lot of space to store your tennis items. The bag has two ventilated pockets, where you can put away your dirty shoes and clothes. It also offers many other pockets to keep your belongings safe and has easy access to them. 


  • Water-resistant material 
  • Ventilated shoe compartment 
  • Organized interior design 
  • Bunch of pockets 
  • Comfortable to carry 


  • Can be expensive 

The Best Tennis Bags Options: T Monogram Jacquard Tennis Bag

For then, half of the fun is making a fashion statement when hitting the field. Perfectly understandable since bags is one of the most important accessories that can make or break a look. If you want to combine practicality and fashion, we recommend T Monogram Jacquard as the best luxury tennis bag. 

Inspired by the classic patterns of Pennsylvania Dutch quilting, this bag has a timeless chic style. The well-known geometry of Moroccan architecture inspires the brand’s classic logo printed on the bag. 

T Monogram Jacquard tennis bag is made of leather material and has a cross-body strap. It offers enough space to carry two rackets of standard size. You can also store your basic necessary tennis gear. 


  • Great design
  • Timeless style
  • High-quality materials 


  • High price

Types of Tennis Bags

Several types of tennis bags aim to fulfill different segments of players’ needs and preferences. There is no right answer when it comes to choosing which tennis bag is the most suitable. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste. 

However, our best advice would be that beginners should go for practicality and convenience first. You don’t want to carry around a bag that is too heavy, too big, or useless for your needs. 

That’s why before making up your mind, it’s better to learn one thing or two about the main types of tennis bags.

types of tennis bags


This is one of the most recognizable and popular tennis bag types, which many people use in their daily lives. Many tennis gear brands have brought this traditional bag, available for the players, but with a twist. 

If you want to go for a backpack, you can find one with specific features that will make it very convenient to carry around tennis necessities, such as balls, rackets, shoes, towels, or a water bottle. 

Usually, tennis backpacks have a dedicated space, which allows you to store one or two tennis rackets at max. In most designs, the handles will stick out at the top of the back. The rest of the space can be used for other gear that you will need during practices.

Tennis backpacks are great for beginners or high schoolers who are still learning the basics. 

This type of tennis bag is easy to carry around and very practical. Probably the most practical one, since you can use this even during your day-to-day routine to carry other stuff. 

Tennis backpacks are more comfortable if you use your bike or walk to practice. The only possible downside is that you have limited space with a backpack. Therefore you will be able to take only the main necessities. 

best tennis racket bags


Tennis racket bags are a classic in the game because they are shaped like a tennis racket. That’s also what they have named after. This type of tennis bag is ideal if you need to carry anywhere from 3 to 15 rackets at once. 

They are usually larger, and their design has a more rounded edge so that the tennis rackets will fit just right inside without having much space to move. Also, rackets have a lot of storage, which offers players more space to carry their gear. 

In most parts, tennis racket bags are a great choice for professional players who need multiplay tennis rackets and other tennis gear for their practice or games. 

Based on their size and designs, there are two segments of tennis racket bags players can pick based on their needs.

  • Pro tennis racket bags can hold from nine to fifteen rackets at once. It has multiple compartments, which the outermost one can regulate its thermology, to prevent rackets damage from weather elements. Usually, these bags also have a shoe tunnel and many pockets for accessories. Some types may have a water-resistant pouch to keep towels or clothes, making it very convenient. Pro racket bags are optimal for professional players or even tennis coaches who need to consistently carry many tennis rackets and other items. If you are a recreational level player or only hit the court a few times a month, this bag will be heavy to carry around, and with too much-wasted space that you will need to fill with stuff you won’t even use. 
  • Smaller tennis racket bags – a more cut-back version of the professional racket bag. It has more than enough space to carry two or three rackets, clothes, towles, shoes, balls, etc. It’s an ideal choice for tennis club players who hit the court consistently. The only downside is that smaller racket bags are heavy and not easy to carry, especially if you are walking for long distances. They don’t have straps as tennis backpacks do, so you will need a carry holder or keep it over your shoulders. So please keep this in mind because unless you have a car, or the distance to the court is quite short, you’ll regret buying it. 

Double Take 

Double-take tennis bags, also known as totes, can be convenient and comfortable to carry when hitting the field. Usually, these bags come in smaller sizes, but they have enough space to carry one or two tennis rackets and other necessary items. 

Doubletake bags are more popular amongst women, and they come in many different stylish designs, patterns, and colors. Their handles are large enough to carry over the shoulders, making these bags a great alternative to backpacks.

Lately, different brands have added more specific features to make them tennis-friendly even more. Even in your daily routine, you can use these tennis bags when you need to carry more stuff than usual. However, their cost can be a downside since they have a salty price tag. 

best tennis duffle bags


Tennis duffle bags can also be a great option to store all your tennis and other sports necessities. Usually, they have a bulky and impressive design, but you’ll be surprised how well thought out and structured their inside space is. 

These bags are very practical and have divided sections to separate your gears. They come in different sizes and often have backstraps, making them easier to carry around. 

Tennis duffle bags are ideal for professional players who travel often and need to store enough gear for a few days. Smaller size duffle bags can also be used to store clothes, towles, or extra drinks. These bags are quite popular amongst professional players, as well as beginners. 

What to Consider When Buying Tennis Bags

With so many choices available in the markets, choosing which tennis bag to buy can be overwhelming. Many factors determine the quality and functionality of a good tennis bag, which you need to consider before purchasing one. 

We are here to simplify this process for you by making a list of the most important features a tennis bag should have. 


Well, this is a no-brainer. You will be carrying your tennis bag a lot back and forth from your practices, so you need something comfortable. The comfort level depends on the number of items you will need, the size, and the type of the back. 

In other words, it’s up to you to decide what bag fulfills your needs and is easy to bring on the court sideways. Let’s suppose that you will opt for a backpack with straps, make sure that the padding is comfortable and the length fits just right so it won’t cause discomfort or even pain. 

tennis bag essentials


Storage depends on the size and the type of tennis bag you choose. This is an important factor to consider based on the number of items you need and your skill levels.

  • Racket storage – Usually, backpacks and double-take bags allow storage space for one or two tennis rackets, at max. However, other tennis bags can carry up to 15 rackets, depending on the model. You will also need space for other items, so consider that before making up your mind. Some of the best tennis bags also offer thermology regulation features, which help keep a constant temperature, and limit humidity exposure, to protect the rackets from losing their string tension. 
  • Shoe storage – Many tennis bags offer a dedicated shoe compartment with ventilation. This feature is such a lifesaver for those players who compete professionally, are always traveling, or just don’t like to put their tennis shoes with the rest of their equipment to avoid any bad smell. 
  • Gear storage – Usually, competitive players carry a lot of gear to be prepared for any kind of surprise during the match. For most, carrying so much extra equipment, such as multiplay towels, clothes, headbands, etc., may feel like overkill. You might be surprised how often this can save a match. So if you are an advanced, competitive player, being prepared always is the way to go. However, if you are a beginner, you will only need the essentials. Some bags have specialized in helping you stay organized.

Bonus tip – if you opt out of a bag without shoe storage, you can buy a simple laundry back to put your shoes on so your bag won’t get smelly or dirty.


Having a stylish bag that you like is one of those simple pleasures of life that you don’t have to give up on. Yes, utility is important, but nowadays, their brands have come up with a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors for tennis bags. In other words, you can pick something that fulfills your needs and is pretty to look at. 


Usually, a good tennis bag will come in a price range from 50 dollars to a couple of hundred. It’s all up to what you are looking for and how much you are willing to stretch out your budget. Consider this as an investment; your tennis bag is an essential item that you will use for as long as you are hitting the court. 

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to tennis bags. Surely, you will be able to find something that you like, at a good price. If you are looking for a tennis bag that will also double as a fashion statement, there are also great options. Below, we have reviewed some of the best tennis bags for different categories of players. 

Our Verdict

We rate the best tennis bag; the Babolat Pure Drive RH x12, for the premium quality and the sport features it has. This bag has a lot of space, is comfortable, and offers isothermal isolation to protect your items from extreme heat. The ventilated shoe compartment is a great bonus, which makes the players’ lives way easier. Even though beginners can enjoy this bag, it is a great choice for professional players, especially those who travel a lot. 

Another honorable mention that stood out during this review is Wilson Women’s Tennis Tote Bag, which offers a perfect blend of design and functionality. It is surprising how much this bag can store and how organized its interior design can be. This bag also has a beautiful, timeless style and can be used outside of the tennis courts. 

How We Chose the Best Tennis Bags

To set apart the best tennis bags, we went through a long process of testing and reviewing until we came up with these recommendations. We curated the list, keeping in mind that there is a wide range of players with different needs and desires. To meet their requirements in the middle, we have reviewed many tennis bags, each for a particular category. 

We based our selection process on important factors that impact the quality of the tennis bag, such as design, comfort, storage space, price, how often you hit the court, etc. These reviews will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable while looking for the perfect tennis bag since you’ll know what to expect. Remember that these options are some of the best options in the nowadays markets. 


All aspects to be considered when shopping for the best tennis bags have been covered above, and a range of worthy alternatives was provided. Those who still have questions may find the information they need below.

Q: What tennis bag does Nadal use?

Nadal is one of the most popular players in the world, and people are always curious to know which brands he uses. He has an endorsement deal with Babolat, so it comes as no surprise that he uses their products. The specific model of tennis bag Nadal uses is the Babolat Pure Drive RH x12.

Q: Are tennis bags worth it?

Tennis bags are definitely worth it, especially if you play tennis regularly. They make your life much easier by allowing you to carry all of your gear in one place. Additionally, they help to protect your items and keep them organized.

Q: What should I pack in my tennis bag?

The items you pack in your tennis bag will depend on your individual needs. However, there are some basics that every player should pack, such as extra strings, grips, overgrips, a can of tennis balls, sunscreen, water, and a towel.

Q: What type of tennis bag should I buy?

The type of tennis bag you buy should depend on your individual needs and preferences. For example, some players prefer to carry a backpack, while others prefer a tote bag or duffle bag. Additionally, you should consider the size of the bag and how much storage space you need.

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