How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tennis Court? 

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Key Takeaways
  • Building a tennis court can cost anywhere from as little as $25.000 up to $150.000, including value and all material.
  • The price range varies based on size, type, accessories, and other important factors.
  • Clay tennis courts are a very popular option, and the price to build one varies from $30.000 to $80.000.
  • Most people spend an average of $65.000 for a regular size singles court.

Having a tennis court build-in inside your home or anywhere nearside your residential place is a dream made true for every player. Imagine how fun, easy and convenient it would be to hit the court, practice your skills and add some strength exercise to your daily routine.

If you wonder how much does it cost to build a tennis court, you will find everything you need to know about the expenses and more in this guide. 

Building a tennis court might be the project of a lifetime, so before you get carried away from enthusiasm, make sure to completely understand the basics requirements, type of court, but also the average cost of other accessories and yearly maintenance to make sure you’ll have no bad surprises and unexpected hidden costs of a tennis court. 

Average Tennis Court Installation Cost

Building a tennis court can cost anywhere from as little as $25.000 up to $150.000, including value and all material. The price range varies based on size, type, accessories, and other important factors. The average cost that most people spend is $65.000 for a regular size singles court.

Cost to Build a Tennis Court by Type

A traditional tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide; it is equipped for double players and has space for the baseline, runbacks, and sides. To build a court as such, you will need at least 130 feet by 70 feet of open space. Of course, you can also work with smaller-sized spaces and build in single courts, which are usually 27 feet wides, or half courts, which are an excellent option for practice. 

The design of tennis courts is pretty much the same, so you will not have trouble choosing that. 

However, tennis courts do vary in the type of surfaces they have, and so does their price range. 

Clay court surface mario

Clay Tennis Court

Clay tennis courts are a very popular option, and the price to build one varies from $30.000 to $80.000, depending on how much you are willing to spend. These are probably the easiest to build, and playing on court surfaces will be easier on your knees, providing a slower game. 

However, bad weather might cause some problems, so you should be aware of that. The maintenance cost of a clay court can cost $1000 to $2000, so this will be an additional annual cost to you. 

Grass Tennis Court

If you want a Wimbledon-like field, you should go for the classic one, a grass tennis court. Depending on the type of grass you choose, organic or synthetic grass, the price range of the cost of a tennis grass court can be anywhere from $50.000 to $150.000. 

This type of court can be easily built-in but has high maintenance prices; it requires daily inspections and frequently mowing. Tennis courts made of grass are ideal for technical players who want to improve their volleys skills and serve for better results. The game tends to be very fast and with a lower bounce of the ball. 

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Choosing to cover your tennis court with synthetic grass can be cheaper than organic. The price can start from a reasonable sum of $25.000 to $80.000, depending on the quality of the materials you choose.

Compared to the other options, this is the most affordable cost of home tennis courts. They come in the form of a carpet, which can be removable. It significantly cuts out some expenses since it doesn’t need as much care as natural grass does. 

Asphalt Tennis Court

Asphalt tennis courts cost an average of $65.000, but depending on how much you are willing to spend, the price can vary anywhere from $40.000 to $80.000. Usually, the installment process is pretty quick, and the resilient coating finisher on top of asphalt makes it very durable. 

Unless the asphalt surface isn’t damaged by a hit or any kind of exposure, it will last for years with little to no repair fees. This type of court is good for every standard type of player and provides a consistent pace and rhythm of the game, with high speed and spin. However, it can be harsher on the feet and knees over time. 

Concrete Tennis Court

Concrete Tennis Court

A tennis court with a concrete surface will cost you $60.000 to $120.000, depending on the quality of the materials you choose and how many layers you will use. Concrete is classified as a “hard surface” type of court, as you can imagine, and is more durable than asphalt. 

This is a good investment in the long run since a concrete surface will last for years and years without too much maintenance cost. However, if cracks develop on the surface, it might have a saltier price to be replaced compared with other types of court surfaces. 

Tennis Courts Price Chart 

Type of surface Price range 
Clay tennis court$30.000, to $80.000
Natural grass tennis court $50.000 to $150.000
Synthetic grass tennis court$25.000, to $80.000
Asphalt tennis court $40.000 to $80.000
Concrete tennis court $60.000 to $120.000

Other Tennis Court Construction Costs

In case you are wondering how much tennis court contractions cost, here is an estimated average value and a generalization of key elements you need to take into consideration. 

  • Size of the court – obviously, larger-sized courts will cost more money, as the expenses for construction and materials are higher. Your budget and the space you have will be determining factors in the size of the court. A tennis court with more space on edge is always a player’s first choice; however, you can make it work even by custom designing your court based on your needs and opportunities. 
  • Land preparation – the cost depends on how much work is needed to make a flat, hard surface to build the tennis court. The land might need excavation, heavy types of equipment, plumbing issues to be addressed, etc. 
  • Type of surface – purchasing the materials you need based on the type of surface you’ll choose will vary in cost and maintenance fees. 
  • Design – based on the dimensions, you can choose the color of court lines, tiles, etc, and can even hire a landscape architect to make the tennis court seem more comprehensive and integrated with your home design. 
  • Construction and project management – this usually is a long process, from start to finish, that includes design, construction, and installation. You can cut expenses by putting yourself in charge, but make sure you know what you are doing, or it will be a waste of money. 
  • Supplier – you need to make sure you buy all your materials from reliable suppliers that guarantee high quality. You are already spending a fortune building your tennis court; make sure it will last you for at least some years. High quality is priceless and a smart investment in the long run. 
  • Labor cost – you need professionals to do the work, and their fees can be high based on how much work is required, the materials and equipment that will be used, and the whole installation and design process from start to finish. 

The construction cost can be anywhere from $45.000 to $80.000 in total. The labor force alone might cost you $30.000 to $35.000, while the materials have an average value between $10.000 to $50.000. The price you’ll pay depends on the installation process and the amount of labor that this process requires. For the project to finish, it might take 30 to 60 days. 

Tennis Court Accessories Tennis Ball Hopper


Accessories are also important on the tennis court, some being a necessity and other’s an option. However these accessories might be, they will make your tennis court look professional and complete. For might that, you might need to spend as little as 30 dollars, up to $30.000. 

Included in this list are some of the most important tennis court accessories and their average price range. 

  • Ball basket costs $30 to $80, comes in various sizes and models, and is made of plastic and metal materials. It will make the court look super organized, even when you are not using it to play. 
  • Tennis rackets racks cost $50 to $150. You can choose from different materials and designs, and they are an excellent way to keep your rackets intact and safe. However, this is optional. 
  • Tennis Net costs $200 to $300 and is an absolute necessity on the tennis court. 
  • Seatings it may cost anywhere from $200 to $2000, and they come in many different sizes and models for you to choose from, including stairs or benches. 
  • Lightning costs anywhere from $2000 to $5000, depending on how much lighting you install and the type you choose. If the court’s lighting is wired for that, you will have to pay extra money for your electricity bill. However, you can also choose solar panels, which will save much more money in the long run. 
  • A tennis backboard can cost $5000 to $10.000 and is a great option for those who want to practice tennis alone. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials. It’s a great addition, even though it is not a basic necessity. 
  • Court’s fencing costs $5000 to $12.000, depending on the material, the type, and the amount of the fence you need. If you need a considerably higher and longer fence, the cost will be more.
  • Court’s bubble costs anywhere from $10.000 to $30.000 and is optional. This premium feature will protect your court from the elements and replace fences for your court. 
Tennis Court Cost of Painting

Paint Cost

Depending on the size and type of your court, the painting job will cost you $250 to $600. Whether you have just installed your tennis court or have had it for a while now, the lines should be painted. 

This is a job for professionals who know all about the standard requirements and can understand the dimensions of a tennis court. 

The painting process needs a regulating line painting machine so the lines are placed accurately through the court in perfect measure. 

Tennis Court Upgrades Night Lights

Other Upgrades

There are some other features that you can choose to add to the tennis court to make for an extra cost of $10.000 to $30.000. Overall, these upgrades will make your court look more professional and more fun to play to, even though they are not an absolute necessity. 

Here are some popular features you might want to take into consideration. 

  • Lights for nighttime plays cost $2000 to $15.000 and are necessary only if you will play during nights or get your practice sessions extra early in the morning. 
  • Shoe cleaners cost $400 to $3.500, and if you choose to get this feature, you might use them more than you think. 
  • Organizers and gear storage racks cost anywhere from $200 to $3.500, depending on the size and material you choose, and will help you to keep your gear and tennis court very organized and neat. 
  • Clocks, timers, and scorekeepers cost $200 to $1500; it will make your games easier and the court look more professional. 
  • Umpire chairs cost $800 to $2500 and are a fun feature to have but not necessary at all unless you are not holding championships in your own home. 
  • Backboards and rebound nets cost $5000 to $10.000 and are a great feature to add, which will help you for solo training
  • Water fountains cost $1000 to $4.500, depending on the type and design you choose and can be a fun feature to add. 
Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance Cost

Maintenance is very important for the tennis court, and it will cost you $1.800 a year, on average. The sum you’ll spend depends on the type of court, the materials used to build them, and even the climate you live in. 

If you opt-out of an indoor court or live somewhere with a mild climate, you will pay less in maintenance fees. Outdoor courts affected by the elements during different seasons need more care, which will reflect on the maintenance bill. 

Depending on the type of court, here are some basic maintenance requirements

  • The grass court requires high maintenance, as it needs to be mowed and watered almost daily. Other cares to keep the grass healthy are also necessary. 
  • Synthetic grass needs less care than natural one, but it’s necessary to clean it often. 
  • Hard courts, such as asphalt and concrete, don’t require daily maintenance but are more prone to damage caused by the elements. These courts might need repayments if the surface cracks or has other damages. The painting and the resurfacing job will cost you extra money, about $4000 to $10.000, depending on the climate and weather conditions. 
  • Clay court, if you do the extra effort, this type of court can last for a lifetime. Clay surfaces don’t need daily maintenance and can handle dry and humid climates well. However, a clay court needs to be swept regularly, a sprinkler system to be watered, and the clay surface to be refreshed annually. 

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