Head Speed Pro 2022 Review and Playtest

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Since the day Head Speed Pro 2022 was released this March, I have been longing for the day when I would finally get my hands on one of them. It might seem like exaggerated enthusiasm, but can you blame me? The Head is one of the best and most innovative tennis brands on the market, while Speed is one of their most iconic racket lines. 

Head Speed Pro 2022 Review
Head Speed Pro 2022
Best tennis racket for advanced players

Groundstrokes: 8.7

Volleys: 8.7

Serve: 8.7

Returns: 8.6


Safe to say, my expectation were very high, even before the playtest. In case you are wondering too, if this tennis racket delivers all of the brand’s bold claims about high performance, make sure to stay with me until the end because I will explain all of my thoughts and opinions about it. Does this racket truly deserve all the hype, or is it just good marketing? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Head Speed Pro 2022 Specifications

When the Head Speed Pro 2022 finally arrived on my doorstep, I was impressed by its beautiful design. Honestly, this is one of the first things I noticed on a new tennis racket before moving on to technicalities, and I knew right away that we were on a good start. 

Head SpeedPro 2022 Tennis Racket Playtest

This Head tennis racket is the latest update of the iconic Head Speed Pro, endorsed by none other than Novak Djakovic. It is built for high speed and stability, which are key for high performance on the court. 

The Speed Pro 2022 racket features a midsize 100 sq. in, with closed 18 x 20 string patterns, which provides controlled levels of power, and high spin potential. It has a considerable weight, at 11.6 ounces which makes the frame feel more solid, but at the cost of maneuverability. This is also a well-balanced racket with a standard length that offers more than enough leverage on the court. 

The Head tennis racket brand has used groundbreaking technology to enhance its features and playability; 

  • Spread beam – maximizes spin and power by using an aerodynamic cross-section. 
  • Auxetic sensation – provides a sensational response to the racket’s frame. 
  • Speed pattern – a unique string pattern developed at the brand’s lab that delivers control power levels. 

Head Speed Pro 2022 specs: 

  • Head size:100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Weight:11.6 oz / 329 g
  • Balance: 6 pts HL 
  • Swingweight: 329
  • Stiffness: 62
  • Beam width: 23 mm / 23 mm / 23 mm
  • String pattern: 18 mains / 20 crosses 
  • Composition: Graphite 

Groundstrokes – Score: 8.7

At the baseline, the Head Speed Pro tennis racket delivered an outstanding performance. You can right away feel the technological enhancements and other technical changes compared to the previous versions of the same line. It feels very solid and allows the player to connect with the ball immediately. 

Head SpeedPro 2022 Tennis Racket Serve

The racket can generate a good amount of power, but never to the point that it feels overbearing. Due to the close string patterns, it also gives easy access to massive spin. Backhand slices were my favorite during strokes, where I could add more depth with each shot. 

I loved the control levels of this racket, which helped me hit all my targets effortlessly while also controlling the ball’s trajectory. I found the racket to be well balanced, allowing me enough time to switch positions or recover from a wrong move quickly. 

Difficult angles are usually a challenge for all players, but I quickly found out that if I managed to flatten out my slices, I could reach them with more ease. 

The frame of Head Speed Pro 2022 is quite forgiving and features a large sweet spot, which is hard to miss. The rackets offer a nice, plush feeling that adds another layer to the comfort levels. The only downside I could find was the lack of maneuverability, which I expected, and I have to admit it is a fair trade considering all the amazing features.

Volleys – Score: 8.7

The Head Speed Pro 2022 did everything right at the net while offering a good blend of various features. This stable and reliable racket made it easier to put volleys away. It allowed me to swing fast and effortlessly while I also had no issue hitting overheads. 

What I loved the most was how responsive and lively the racket felt; those technological updates worked wonders once again. It is very stable and offers good control too, which came in handy whenever I wanted to be highly precise with my shots. 

With a stiff level at only 62, the frame felt quite flexible, and it even offered some decent maneuverability from time to time. However, I had no issues with getting back into positions throughout the game. I felt that the frame was packed with spin potential and controllable power, which I put to good use. 

More than once, I was able to be very aggressive, going deeper into the service box and putting my opponent in a difficult position. Drop volleys were an absolute favorite to execute, giving me a much-appreciated boost of confidence. 

The frame felt reasonably comfortable to play with and delivered a nice feel. Overall, I would say this racket offered a great performance and easy playability. The drawbacks are really minor; it easy to overlook them the more time you spend playing. In the right hands of a skillful player, this racket can transform into a true weapon on volleys.

Serve – Score: 8.7

Control is the best feature of Head Speed Pro 2022 when it comes to serves. It allowed me to be highly precise with my targeting and predict where the ball would land. The controllable power further in the baseline was just what I needed to push the ball deeper in court with a little bit of extra effort. 

Best Head Tennis Rackets Reviews

The racket generated plenty of spins, especially for kick slices, which is perfect if you have an aggressive approach to the game. 

At first, I was skeptical regarding speed, considering the tennis racket’s weight; however, the closed string pattern was really handy. I was able to create some serious speed while remaining consistent and naturally keeping a good pace and rhythm. This feature also helps to feel more connected with the ball. 

Flat serves were an absolute favorite, while the racket provided enough leverage to go after higher and more difficult angles. It is very responsive and remains solid throughout the game. The racket’s touch is smooth and has a clean and plush feeling at impact. Maneuvrability wasn’t much of an issue, but sometimes I wished for a bigger bite of the ball, which bothered me. 

Overall, this is a comfortable tennis racket to play with, but during serves, I did feel some extra tension on my arm and shoulder, courtesy of the closed string pattern. This is something most advanced players and high intermediate players have to deal with anyway, so it’s not a dealbreaker, and nor does it ruin the experience. 

Returns – Score: 8.6

In returns, Head Speed Pro 2022 did not disappoint. The racket delivered an overall good performance, and easy playability, with only minor drawbacks. Once again, the control levels came shining through, which was the feature I loved the most. It made me much more confident to step up the game without fear of overhitting the ball. I was able to hit some penetrating shots on the court and be accurate when aiming for my targets. 

head speed pro 2022 review and playtest on hands

The racket’s high spin potential and controllable power made reaching for the difficult angles easier while adding more depth to each shot. It allowed me to swing big and block some dangerous serves.

The Speed Pro 2022 tennis racket can generate a lot of easy speed while simultaneously making it easier for the player to keep a good pace, which is very important during the returns, especially during hit exchanges. 

In return, I also learned to appreciate the racket’s mass more, making the frame feel solid and reliable the whole time. Again, I wasn’t expecting the racket to be maneuvrable, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that it does exactly that. It allowed me plenty of time to switch positions or get back into a neutral position.

The large sweet spot and plush feeling were a major bonus too, which made the frame feel forgiving and more comfortable. 

Overall – Score: 8.69

Overall, Head Speed Pro 2022 is a great tennis racket that delivers quality and high performance. The brand has done an excellent job with its newest addition and certainly deserves all the praises they get. 

Speed Pro 2022 has a versatile frame and offers a rare blend of all the right features. The racket provides high levels of control and stability. The frame feels solid while at the same time is highly responsive and comfortable. It has a high-speed potential, combined with controllable power, which helps the player better control the game’s outcome. 

It works well all around the court, but its potential truly shines at the groundstrokes, where the performance was simply impressive. 

Forehand and backhand slices were my favorite with this Head tennis racket, while it allowed me plenty of time to switch grips or get back into positions. It delivers a nice, plush feeling and has a large sweet spot, which is a major bonus. The racket is quite comfortable and even forgiving, allowing a higher margin of error than you would normally expect from these technicalities. 

I tried to find flaws in this racket’s performance… I really did! But it simply gave me nothing to complain about, and the minor drawback was easy to ignore. The technological updates and the new improvements on the Head Speed Pro 2022 are impressive and have significantly improved playability. 

This racket can easily be weaponized in court, and it appeals more to the players that have an aggressive game style. While it can be used by a wide range of skill levels, advanced and high intermediates are the ones who can take full advantage of all that the racket has to offer. After playtesting and reviewing this racket, I can confidently say that Head Speed Pro 2022 is a great tennis racket for advanced players.

Older Versions

This Head Speed Pro 2022 review would not be complete without comparing it with the older models of the same line. This is the best way to take a full grasp of the newest updates; that’s why I decided to test the other Head Speed Pro rackets as well.

Head Speed Pro 2021

As you can tell by the specifications, Head Speed Pro 2021 has the same features as the latest update of 2022. Obviously, the brand has found the golden formula of success and decided to keep it because it works. 

Head Speed Pro 2021 Tennis Racket Review
Head Speed Pro 2021
Best tennis racket for Intermediate to advanced players

Groundstrokes: 9.2

Volleys: 8.6

Serve: 8.5

Returns: 9.1


The main difference between these two tennis rackets is that the latest update has enhanced performance and a better feeling due to the latest technological advancement. Head Speed Pro 2021 is packed with high spin and controllable power. It offers a good combination of control and stability, making it easier for the player to redirect the ball. 

This racket works well all around the court, especially for serves and strokes. It is quite comfortable to play with, as it does a good job at transferring energy and reducing shock impact. It appeals mostly to high intermediates and advanced levels, who are looking for a player’s racket with a modern edge. 

Head Speed Pro 2021 Specs 

  • Head size:100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Weight:11.6 oz / 329 g
  • Balance:: 6 pts HL 
  • Swingweight: 329
  • Stiffness: 62
  • Beam width: 23 mm / 23 mm / 23 mm
  • String pattern: 18 mains / 20 crosses 
  • Composition: Graphite 

Head Speed Team 

The Head Speed Team classifies as a tweener, the same as the Head Speed Pro 2022 tennis racket. However, they do have major differences in performance and features. The Head Speed Team is noticeably lighter in weight and has an open 16 x 19 string pattern. The frame is packed with power and spin potential and delivers a clean feeling at impact. 

Head Speed Team Review
Head Speed Team
Best tennis racket for power and spin

Groundstrokes: 8.7

Volleys: 8.5

Serve: 8.9

Returns: 8.9


During the playtest, the lack of stability and control was noticeable compared to the Speed Pro 2022. On the bright side, it was much easier maneuvering and had a slightly more forgiving frame. This racket appeals to a wide range of intermediate players but is less suitable for advanced levels requiring more precision on their shots. 

Head Speed Team Specs 

  • Head size: 100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Weight:10.5 oz / 298 g
  • Balance: 2 pts HL 
  • Swingweight: 306
  • Stiffness: 66
  • Beam width: 25 mm / 25 mm / 25 mm
  • String pattern: 18 mains / 20 crosses 
  • Composition: Graphite 


To wrap it up, I would say that Head Speed Pro 2022 is a great addition to the iconic Head Speed line. It deserves all the praise, and I can see why it is already becoming fans’ favorites. It offers excellent performance and playability. The frame is packed with a variety of features that have been enhanced with the latest technology. Advanced and intermediate players can take full advantage of all the racket offers. 

Head Speed Pro 2022 Review
Head Speed Pro 2022
Best tennis racket for advanced players

Groundstrokes: 8.7

Volleys: 8.7

Serve: 8.7

Returns: 8.6


Overall, the whole line of Speed Pro has some amazing models that provide easy playability and quality. Any of them will help you reach a whole new level in the game. It’s not a coincidence that they are so popular and successful. Their high standards and groundbreaking technology have set them at the forefront of innovation when it comes to tennis rackets. 


The review above will prove useful in deciding if the Head Speed Pro 2022 tennis racket is right for your game and play level. Those who want more info or clarification about this tennis racket for advanced players may well find it below in answers to some common questions about Head Speed Pro 2022.

Q: Is the Head Speed Pro 2022 a good racket for beginner players?

A: No, the racket is not recommended for beginner players as it is quite powerful and requires some level of experience and skill to control. However, if you are a beginner, there are other great tennis rackets for beginners that you can check out. One of them is Wilson Ultra 108, which delivers great power and spin potential.

Q: What is the Head Speed Pro 2022 good for?

The Head Speed Pro 2022 is an excellent racket for players who are looking for a bit of everything. It offers great power and spin potential while also providing good control and stability. It is suitable for all around the court play and appeals mostly to high intermediates and advanced levels.

Q: Who uses Head Speed Pro 2022?

The Head Speed Pro 2022 is mostly used by high intermediate and advanced players. However, due to its easy maneuverability, it can also be suitable for a wide range of intermediate players.

Some professional tennis players that use Head Speed Pro 2022 are:

Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer
Rafael Nada

Q: Which play style is the Head Speed Pro 2022 tennis racket most suitable for?

This Head tennis racket works well all around the court and is especially great for serves and groundstrokes. It has a nice balance of power and control, making it easy to redirect the ball. This makes it suitable for various play styles.

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