The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters of 2024

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Any player that is serious about the game knows that picking a tennis racket that suits your game style is the best way to set yourself up for success. This time, we decided to focus on those players who like to go to add massive power to their shots instead of going with the more common tactic of using spin. To make things easier for you, we decided to come up with a careful selection of the best tennis rackets for flat hitters on the market. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything that is important to know so that you can make an educated choice that will help step up your game skills. If you want to know more about this famous tactic and how to master it, keep scrolling! 

  1. Best Overall: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13 
  2. Runner Up: Head Speed Pro
  3. Best Budget: Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP
  4. Most Powerful: Wilson Blade 98 16×19
  5. Best for Beginners: Babolat Pure Strike 18×20
  6. Best for Attacking Players: Head Radical MP
  7. Also Consider: Yonex VCORE 95

How We Chose the Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters

To select the best tennis rackets for flat hitters, we researched the market and analyzed the client’s behavior and online feedback. Then we bought and tried the best-rated rackets ourselves to ensure our reviews were genuine. 

To curate this list, we took into consideration only those features that are important to successfully execute flat shots, such as weight, head size, control, precision, stability, feel, and power. Only those that fulfilled our criteria made the cut. 

Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Reviewed

It took us months of research and playtesting to pick the best tennis rackets for flat hitters in the markets right now. In this list, we included a variety of models, brands, and prices for different categories to make sure that everyone has a choice. 

Best Overall
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13 is our absolute favorite pick on this list. This racket delivers amazing performance, and in the right hands, it can transform into a true weapon on the court. This racket features a small 97 sq. in head with an open string pattern. These technical features help the racket deliver outstanding control with some controllable power, which is perfect when hitting flat shots. 

It weighs 12.5 ounces, which is considered quite heavy, but it offers a lot of stability and a nice, crispy feeling. During the playtest, it was very easy to connect with the ball and redirect its landing in the field by adding more depth with each shot and constantly hitting the targets. It works well all around the court, especially with volleys, where it feels very solid and responsive. 

On the downside, the frame feels pretty stiff, and as expected, it was not easy to maneuver due to its weight. This is a racket that appeals to advanced and high intermediate players only, so if you don’t feel ready to perform on these levels, it’s better to keep looking for more suitable options. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 97 sq. in / 625 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 12.5 oz / 354 g
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 


  • Outstanding control 
  • Controllable power 
  • Crispy feel
  • Precision and stability 


  • Stiff frame 
  • Not easy to maneuver 

See our review and playtest.

.Get the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 at Wilson’s Official Site, on Amazon, or at Do It Tennis.

Runner Up
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Head Speed Pro

Head Speed Pro has been in the limelight for some time now, for all the right reasons. This racket impressed us with its versatile frame and easy playability, so much so that we decided to feature it in the runner-up categories. It has a middle-sized head with a dense 18×20 string pattern. As a result, the frame is loaded with spin and controllable power, while it allows more plow-through and precision.

When strung, it has a considerable weight of 11.5 ounces, which falls on the heavy side, and provides excellent stability and control levels. During the playtest, hitting flat shots or adding more depth to the ball for deeper penetration on the other side of the court was effortless. The racket also felt very responsive and allowed a higher margin of errors, which made it more comfortable to play with. 

It works especially well back in the baseline, with groundstrokes and serves. While it can work well for advanced players, it suits best intermediate players that can use some extra free power and have an easier time maneuvering the racket, thanks to the slightly bigger head size. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 11.5 oz / 326 g
  • String pattern: 18 mains / 20 crosses 


  • High control 
  • Stability and precision 
  • Power and spin 
  • Versatile frame 


  • Not best suitable for advanced players

See our review and playtest.

Get the Head Speed Pro at Head’s Official Site, on Amazon, or at Do It Tennis.

The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

When you are on a tight budget finding the best tennis rackets for flat strokes can become somewhat of a challenge. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality standards or performance just to do a service to your wallet. In the best budget category, we strongly recommend Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. 

This Head tennis racket is quite popular amongst tennis players for its great performance and the variety of features that it offers. It features a 100 sq. in middle size head, with an open string pattern and a considerable weight, at 11.3 ounces. As a result, this racket is quite versatile, offering a good blend of everything. The frame is loaded with spin and free power, while at the same time, it offers a good sense of control and stability. It makes it easy to redirect the ball to be accurate with the targets or add more depth to the shots. 

However, when aiming for those flat shots, it’s important to be mindful of the ball’s trajectory, not to go higher than necessary and ruin your technique. It’s a great option for all ranges of intermediate players, who can take great advantage of this racket to step up their game while also remaining comfortable enough. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 11.2 oz / 318 g
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 


  • Affordable price 
  • Control and stability 
  • Free power 
  • Precision 


  • Higher angle launch during flat shots
  • Limited skill level use 

Get the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP at Head’s Official Site, on Amazon or at Do It Tennis.

Most Powerful
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Wilson Blade 98 16×19

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 is the most powerful racket on our list. This racket is another market hit of the famous Wilson brand due to its awesome design and frame versatility. It features a rather smaller head size, at 98 sq. in, with an open 16×19 string pattern, which adds a lot of free power to the frame. This Wilson tennis racket also allows more plow time for the ball and creates the trampoline effect for the ball.

When strung, this racket weighs 11.5 ounces (or 320 grams), which is right in the verse of the lower end of heavy rackets. While its weight it’s enough to provide a lot of control and precision on the court, it is much easier to maneuver. The brand has used new technology to enhance stability, making it easier for the players to hit flat shots or to reach for the most difficult angles. 

One of the best features this racket has to offer is the nice, plush feeling, which makes it somewhat more comfortable to play with, and at the same time, offers a better connection with the ball. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq. in / 632.26 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung):11.3 oz / 320 g
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 


  • High power 
  • Enhanced stability ul-style-2
  • Control and precision 
  • Nice, plush feeling 


  • Backhanded slices are a struggle with this one

Get the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 at Wilson’s Official Site, on Amazon, or at Do It Tennis.

Best for Beginners
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Babolat Pure Strike 18x20

Flat shots can be a difficult technique to master, especially if you have never tried it before; that’s why you need the right equipment on courts. As the best for beginners, we recommend the Babolat Pure Strike tennis racket, which combines all the right features while still remaining comfortable for the arm. The frame offers sharp control and precision, due to the integration of the new technology, on a square beam frame. 

During the playtest, it was easy to keep the ball trajectory low and hit consistently hit targets. The racket has dense 18×20 string patterns, which adds another layer of control and stability. New updated of the brand helps the racket to generate a considerable amount of power, which never comes to the point of becoming overbearing. It works best at groundstrokes, as it can allow more time in plow-through. 

While it has enough weight to be considered a heavy racket, it is still on the lower end of the bar, so with a little effort, you can still swing confidently, even when lacking an advanced skillset. New dumping technology reduces the shock impact and does a great job at energy transfer, making the racket arm-friendly by putting less stress on the joints and muscles. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq. in / 632.26 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 11.4 oz / 323 g
  • String pattern: 18 mains / 20 crosses 


  • Suitable for beginners 
  • Sharp control 
  • Power and precision 
  • Reduces shock impact 


  • Lack of perfomance for the very advanced players

See our review and playtest.

Get the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20 on Amazon or at Do It Tennis.

Best for Attacking Players
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Head Radical MP

Head Radical MP is the best tennis racket for hard hitters that have an aggressive approach to the game. It has a versatile frame that comes in 98 sq. in head and an open string pattern that has been enhanced technologically to generate more control. 

During the playtest, this Radical MP offered high precision and enough power to hit the flat shots successfully every single time. Despite the heavyweight, the racket is well-balanced, which makes it relatively easy to maneuver. It is very low-powered, which is perfect for aggressive players that don’t want the extra push interfering with their game strategy. The brand has added some extra weight compared to previous models to make it more stable and solid. 

Surprisingly, it is quite comfortable for the arm and even allows a higher margin of errors than usual, with the off-center shots, due to the new technological updates. On the downside, it doesn’t allow much time to get back into position, so you have to be very quick if you want to keep pace with those aggressive shots. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq. in / 632.26 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 11.2 oz / 318 g
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 


  • Stable and solid 
  • High precision 
  • Well balanced 
  • Enhanced comfort 


  • Little time to switch positions 

Get the Head Radical MP at Head’s Official Site, on Amazon, or at Do It Tennis

Also Consider
The Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters Options: Yonex VCORE 95

Yonex Vcore 95 is an excellent option for flat hitters that are already very advanced in the game. During our playtest, this Yonex tennis racket delivered an impressive performance, and it transformed into a true weapon. It features a small head size with an in-between string pattern that offers the player a lot of control over the ball. 

While the frame is loaded with spin, it’s also very low-powered, so you don’t have to worry about over-hitting your flat shots or when trying to keep the ball trajectory even to the net. When strung, it has a hefty weight of 11.5 ounces, which makes the racket feel incredibly solid and stable. The powerful beam is slightly thicker than the standard, which helps the frame to really move through the air, generating crazy speed and a good rhythm. 

The racket delivers an excellent feel, which feels clean at contact, and makes it easier to connect with the ball. The new technological updates can dampen the harsh vibrations and shock to enhance the comfort levels for the player’s arm. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 95 sq. in / 612.9 sq. cm 
  • Weight (strung): 11.5 oz / 326 g
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 20 crosses


  • Incredible control 
  • Stability and precision 
  • Excellent feel 
  • Reduces harsh vibrations 


  • Limited use to only highly advanced players 

See our review and playtest.

Get the Yonex VCORE 95 on Amazon or at Do It Tennis.

What is a Flat Hitter in Tennis?

Now let’s make one thing crystal clear, straight from the beginning. Flat shots are for highly advanced players who are physically very fit and powerful. This very advanced technique requires high precision and a lot of physical strength, while it leaves absolutely no room for errors. 

To hit a flat shot, the players must strike the ball at a neutral level or even at the same level as the net, with a low trajectory and enough force to maximize speed.

Flat shots are used mostly during a service to make sure that the ball will penetrate deep into the other side of the court, giving the opponent less time to react and making the responses much more difficult. Some of the main benefits of flat shots are; 

  • Added power and high speed 
  • Distracts and confuses the opponent. 
  • Less reaction time 

However, like all the different techniques, flat shots also have some disadvantages that might ruin your chances of winning the game;

  • Significantly less spin 
  • No margin of errors 
  • Requires a lot of skills and power. 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tennis Rackets for Flat Hitters

To hit the perfect flat shots, it’s necessary to have the right kind of equipment. That’s why, when picking the best tennis rackets for flat hitters, there are some key features that you should be mindful of. Let’s take a look. 


The type of strings you use matters! Depending on the gauge level and materials you choose, the response and perfomance of the string will vary. When aiming for flat shots, it’s important to have high precision and control so that you can accurately hit the target. Other features you should consider are the feel, stiffness, and energy transfer.

Types of Tennis Strings

It will be ideal if you go for natural gut strings, which can help you deliver the best flat shots and overall performance. Natural gut strings provide added power, control, and low spin. They are also very forgiving for the arm and have a soft feel since you’ll be putting a lot of stress on your muscles with each shot. 

The multifilament strings would be a great alternative to natural gut, as they are technologically engineered to mimic their performance and come in much cheaper prices too. Hybrid strings that combine polyester with another soft option can work just fine, but you have to be picky about their quality. 

One last tip; switch to a dense 18×20 tennis racket string pattern if you want some extra control and you don’t mind some spin when hitting your flat shots. 


When picking up a new tennis racket, one of the first technicalities that you should check is the weight, which is always specified in the brand packaging. The tennis racket’s weight has a massive impact on performance and touch. 

Tennis Racket Weight Chart

Rackets that fall at the heavy side of the weight range provide the player with more control and stability while also allowing more plow-through. However, these rackets are only suitable for advanced players with the right skills and physical power to swing confidently.

On the other hand, lightweight rackets are much easier to maneuver and more comfortable for the arm. The choice should be based on your needs and skills on the court, so go for what you feel you’ll be able to manage better, and don’t push yourself because it is not safe and it might cause injuries. 

You can always compromise for a tweener racket that provides a combination of maneuverability and control until you feel comfortable enough to use something heavier. 

Head Size

A small head size that ranges anywhere from 95 sq. in to 98 sq. in will provide high control levels, which is exactly what players need to hit flat shots with precision. Other major advantages of a small head racket are the feel and stability, which will help you to perform better on the court and connect better with the ball. 

tennis racket head size chart

However, all these come at the expense of a smaller sweet spot and a low margin of errors, meaning you have to be very skilled and precise on your own. While they are loaded with spin, free power often is missing from these rackets, so they require the player to provide enough physical strength for each shot.

Usually, smaller head sizes are typical features of control rackets, suitable for advanced players. Before picking one of them, make sure you have the right skills and physical training first. 

Our Verdict 

Our best overall tennis racket for flat hitters is Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13, which checks all the right boxes. We loved its performance and the combination of all the right features like controllable power, precision, and control. Another great option is Head Speed Pro, which features a versatile frame with high stability and control, perfect when aiming for flat shots. 


Before flat hitter tennis players decide o their new tennis racket, it’s helpful for them to have all the available information about the best tennis rackets for flat sitters. Below are some frequently asked questions about tennis rackets for flat hitters. 

Q: How do you beat a flat hitter in tennis?

Try to stay back and wait for the ball to come to you. This will give you more time to react and make your shot. When you hit the ball, try to hit it high in the air so that it will be difficult for the flat hitter to hit it. Most importantly, use your footwork to move around the court and stay out of the way of the flat hitter’s shots.

Q: Why do flat hitters need a different racket?

Flat hitters tend to rely on heavy, powerful shots that generate a lot of spin and power. Since these types of shots are generally more difficult to control than other types of shots, flat hitters need a racket with features like a large head size and high string tension for added stability and control.

A good tennis racket for flat hitters will also be heavier than a typical racket, which helps to increase the power and momentum of each shot. Additionally, most flat hitters will benefit from a stiffer frame that provides more control over the ball during contact.

Q: How do I know if I am a flat hitter?

One of the best ways to know if you are a flat hitter is by looking at your performance on the court. If you find that you struggle with slower and less powerful shots, like slices and drop shots, then it’s likely that you are a flat hitter.

It’s also important to pay attention to how your body feels when you are playing. If you feel like your shots lack power, that you have a lot of movement to make before you can actually hit the ball, or that your arms and body get tired more quickly than other players, then these are all indicators of a flat hitter.

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