The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 of 2024

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Tennis rackets under $100 that deliver a good performance and easy playability are not impossible to find. Unless you are a professional player with different brand sponsorships, chances are that budget is one of your main concerns. To help you out, we compiled a list of the best tennis racket under 100. 

When researching and evaluating affordable tennis rackets, there are four main factors to consider:

  • Power: Does the racket provide enough power to enhance your game? Is it designed in a way that allows for powerful shots without requiring excessive effort?
  • Topspin: Is the racket designed to help generate topspin? Does it have the right balance and string pattern to maximize spin?
  • Comfort: Is the racket comfortable to use? Does it feel good in your hand, and does it minimize strain on your arm and wrist during play?
  • Maneuverability: How well can you handle the racket? Is it light enough to move around quickly yet sturdy enough to withstand powerful shots?

After testing numerous models, we can confirm that options like the HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket are among the best for most people. However, your specific needs and playing style may point towards different rackets.

  1. Best Overall: HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket
  2. Runner Up: Babolat Drive Max 110
  3. Best Value: HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket
  4. Best Under $50: HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme Tennis Racket
  5. Best Women’s: Wilson Adult Performance Tennis Rackets
  6. Best for Intermediate Players: Babolat 2021 Boost Drive
  7. Best for Beginners: Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26″
  8. Best Lightweight: Babolat Boost S
  9. Best for Spin: HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP

Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Reviewed 

The following list includes a selection of the best tennis rackets under 100 dollars on today’s market. The price might fluctuate on factors that do not depend on us; however, the prices are still quite affordable. We picked these rackets based on their performance, features, and durability. 

Best Overall
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

Head Ti S6 is very popular amongst many players and is one of the best tennis rackets under 100 dollars price. This racket might come cheap but delivers great performance and playability. 

Thanks to the generous head size, it has astonishing high levels of powers, which comes really handy when you are still learning the game’s techniques. This also means that it comes with a large sweet spot, which is one of the best features of this racket. 

HEAD Ti S6 is also light in weight, more forgiving and comfortable to the arm, and allows a higher margin of errors. This is suitable mostly for beginner, recreational or intermediate players, who can take full advantage of the racket. 

Advanced players will find this racket lacking because it provides a low level of control, stability, and mediocre spin. However, these are features that a beginner will not even notice, so it’s all good. The racket is made of lightweight titanium material and graphite fiber technology, durable materials that can take a scratch or two. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 115 sq. in/ 741 sq. cm
  • Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g 
  • Material: Graphite, Titanium


  • High levels of power 
  • Larger sweet spot 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Low control and spin 

See our review and playtest.

Get the HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket on Amazon.

Runner Up
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: Babolat Drive Max 110

A great option for players looking for a powerful, lightweight racket with high levels of comfort. This balanced and versatile racket is perfect for players of all levels, particularly those in the 2.0 to 4.0 range and doubles players. The Babolat Drive Max 110 is a very balanced and versatile racket that can be used in any court area. It delivers good power, control, spin, and stability.

Babolat has also implemented the use of Cortex technology to decrease vibrations, reduce torque on off-center hits, and overall make the racket more arm-friendly. The 110 head size is generous enough to provide a larger sweet spot, making it easier for players to hit clean shots even with slight mishits.

Babolat Drive Max 110 is designed for players who are still developing their game skills but want to take advantage of a powerful racket that can help them improve. It’s very forgiving, comfortable on the arm, and has a great feel to it. Babolat really knows how to deliver quality products at affordable prices.

Product Specs

  • Head size: 110 sq. in / 710 sq. cm 
  • Weight: 9 oz / 255 g
  • Material: Graphite, Cortex technology


  • Great power and comfort 
  • Arm-friendly construction
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Excellent for net players
  • Forgiving on off-center hits


  • Oversize head may not suit all playing styles.
  • May be too lightweight for players who prefer more heft in their racket.

Get the Babolat Drive Max 110 Racket on Amazon.

The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

We can not recommend enough Head Microgel Radical, the best value tennis racket on this list. This is a versatile racket, suitable for intermediate and advanced players. During the manufacturing process, the brand has featured Head’s MicroGel technology, which improves feel and comfort by absorbing the shock during impact and distributing the vibrations equally throughout the frame. 

It offers a high level of control, stability, and precision, allowing the player to direct the ball on the court and add depth with each shot. This Head tennis racket is a great option for aggressive baseliner, who prefer full and fast strokes. It has a slightly heavier balance, meaning the racket can swing faster and is relatively easy to maneuver. 

The sweet spot is not very large but still enjoyable as long as you don’t miss it. The drawback is this isn’t a very forgiving racket, and because it has a smaller head size, it is very low power; you’ll have to generate your own physical strength for the shots. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq. inch / 632.2 sq. cm 
  • Weight: 11 oz / 312 g 
  • Material: Carbon fiber 


  • Best value
  • Versatile 
  • Stability and control 
  • Absorbs shock and vibrations


  • Small sweet spot 

Get the HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket on Amazon.

Best Under $50
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme Tennis Racket

The rackets on this list are already pretty affordable, but if you are on the hunt for a tennis racket under 50 dollars, look no further. Head Ti. Instinct Supreme is the best cheap tennis racket on the market. This is an excellent option for all the beginners or casual players out there that hit the court only a few times a month; you won’t have to spend a fortune with this racket and still get a good performance out of it. 

This racket features an oversized head that delivers high levels of power and has a nice sweet spot, which helps the players to master precision on their shoots. The light head balance of the frames adds more stability and makes the racket easy to maneuver. 

This racket is quite forgiving, allowing a higher margin of errors. It also has the ability to reduce shock and vibration, making players feel more comfortable on the court and minimizing the risk of injuries. It is made of durable material, so you’ll have this racket for a long time, making every cent spent well worth it. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 109 sq. inch / 703.2 sq. inch
  • Weight: 9.7 oz / 275 g 
  • Material: ‎Fiberglass


  • Best under $50 
  • High power
  • Added stability 
  • Durable 


  • Only suitable for beginners or casual players 

Get the HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme on Head’s Official Site or on Amazon.

The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: Wilson Adult Performance Tennis Rackets

The Wilson tennis racket brand always is setting new standards on the market, and they didn’t disappoint with this Wilson Adult Perfomance tennis racket. This comes at a very affordable price, has amazing features, and delivers a good performance. It has a slightly smaller head size, with a nice larger spot that is hard to miss. 

This Wilson tennis racket delivers high levels of stability, allowing the player to hit the ball with precision and depth. The beam construction provides more stability and enhances dwell time, which benefits those with an aggressive game style.

It also has a decent amount of power, good spin, and speed. The racket features parallel drilling, which makes it more forgiving, responsive, and consistent at hitting all the targets. It has open pattern strings, made of multifilament materials to increase playability and to make it more arm comfortable. It is very lightweight, has a nice feeling, and is made of durable, long-lasting materials. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 99 sq. in / 638.7 sq. cm 
  • Weight: 10.4 oz / 294.8 g
  • Material: ‎Graphite


  • Stability and control 
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 


  • Couldn’t find any

Get the Wilson Adult Performance Tennis Rackets on Amazon.

Best for Intermediate Players
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: Babolat 2021 Boost Drive

We have the perfect recommendation for you if you are looking for the best tennis racket under intermediate players. Babolat 2021 Boost Drive features a beautiful, modern design and delivers high performance. It has a slightly oversized head at 105 sq inches, which provides high levels of power, allows a higher margin of errors, and makes the racket easier and more comfortable to use. 

The racket provides a nice, crispy feeling and makes the connection with the ball look effortless. This Babolat racket has a firm and aerodynamic beam that for more precision and accuracy on the shots. It’s very easy to use even if you still haven’t mastered all the right skills and techniques. 

Full, powerful swings and medium-length strokes come naturally with this racket, quickly becoming a fans’ favorite. It also provides incredible speed, good control and stability, and decent spin. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 105 sq. in / 677.42 sq. cm
  • Weight: 9.5 oz / 272 g
  • Material: Graphite 


  • Ideal for intermediate players 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Good performance 
  • Power and control 


  • Not suitable for advanced players 

Get the Babolat 2021 Boost Drive on Amazon.

Best for Beginners

When first starting out as a beginner, every player wants a great racket while still staying on a reasonable budget. If this is you, then Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26’’ is what you are looking for. This racket has a great design, delivers easy playability, and overall good performance. It offers high levels of power that the player can easily tap into. 

The new technological updates of the brand have made the racket more forgiving and more comfortable to the arm. The frame is quite flexible and does a good job of absorbing shock and vibrations. It is great, especially at the strokes where you can hit full swings. This racket also delivers a satisfying level of spin, control, and stability, thanks to the standard head size. 

Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26’’ offers a nice feeling, allowing the player to connect almost immediately with it. It is made of lightweight, durable, and long-lasting graphite. Babolat brand rarely disappoints because this racket is one of our top favorites amongst tennis rackets for under 100 dollars. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 100 sq. in / 645 sq. cm
  • Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g
  • Material: Graphite 


  • High levels of power 
  • Flexible frame 
  • Absorbs shock and vibrations 
  • Comfortable on the arm 


  • Nothing we could agree on; this is great 

Get the Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26 on Amazon.

Best Lightweight
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: Babolat Boost S

Another Babolat racket made it into our list of the best tennis racket under 100 for all the right reasons. Babolat Boost S is made of flimsy, high-quality materials and weighs only 10.4 oz. Safe to say, this is a very lightweight racket that is designed for beginners or recreational players. 

A great option for juniors or players who have small physiques. During the manufacturing process, the brand has used groundbreaking Woofer technology, which makes the strings work better together to absorb shock, and deliver extra power levels. 

The frame is made of 100% graphite and is slightly oversized, making it easy to maneuver and more forgiving to the arm. Babolat Boost S also allows a higher margin of error, which is always a convenient feature for players still learning. This is a well-balanced racket, considering the weight, which provides descend spin and control. Overall, this racket delivered good performance and playability; Babolat really knows how to make good cheap tennis rackets

Product Specs

  • Head size: 102 sq. in / 658 sq. cm 
  • Weight: 295 g /10.4 oz
  • Material: Assembled 


  • Lightweight 
  • High levels power 
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Good spin and control 


  • Not suitable for advanced players 

Get the Babolat Boost S on Amazon.

Best for Spin
The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Options: HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP Tennis Racket

We featured Head Graphene XT Radical MP in our list for the best tennis racket under 100 because it is incredibly fast and generates heavy spin due to the smaller head size. This racket is ideal for fast-swinging players with an aggressive game style. 

It performs well in all court areas, is highly responsive, and allows the player to redirect the ball with precision. This racket is very adaptable and easy to maneuver, making it easy to hit the ball even at difficult angles. It delivers a soft, nice feeling, allowing to connect better with the ball.

The sweet spot is not particularly large, but it does hit clean in every shot. This Head racket is very solid and has high levels of control which you can tap easily into. Surprisingly the frame also delivers good power and speed. It is mostly suitable for a wide range of intermediate players, who can take full advantage of this racket’s amazing features. 

Product Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq. inch / 632 sq. cm 
  • Weight: 11 oz / 312 g 
  • Material: Graphite


  • Good spin and power
  • Solid control 
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • High precision in court


  • Limited only to mid-range players 

Get the HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP on Amazon.

How We Chose the Best Tennis Rackets Under 100

To curate this list, we researched the market and picked out many different options of the best inexpensive tennis rackets at the price of 100 dollars or less. We tested them ourselves by carefully considering key elements of a racket’s performance, such as power, speed, spin, control, technical features, durability, etc. 

To make sure that all our readers can find an affordable option based on their needs and skill levels, we featured various categories for a full experience. You can count on our expertise to pick the tennis racket that suits you best while still staying within a tight budget. 

Our Verdict 

The best tennis racket under 100 dollar prize that we would definitely recommend is the Head Ti S6 tennis racket. You can’t go wrong with this racket; it delivers astonishing levels of power, is extremely fast, and has a nice sweet spot. This racket is comfortable and quite forgiving, too, allowing a higher margin of errors. This is suitable mostly for beginners and casual players. 

For more advanced players, we would recommend Head Graphene XT Radical MP as the best tennis racket under $100. It delivers heavy spin, is solid, and surprisingly powerful, offering the players the perfect mix of all the right features. 


We have reviewed a lot of tennis rackets at this point, and by now, you may wide selection when choosing the best tennis rackets under 100. However, during our research, we found a few questions that cropped up quite regularly, so for convenience, we have provided answers to those here.

Q. How much should you pay for a tennis racquet?

This really depends on your skill level and how often you play. If you’re a beginner, it’s probably not worth spending more than $100 on a racquet.

However, if you’re an advanced player or play tennis regularly, you may want to invest in a higher quality tennis racket for advanced players which could cost $200 or more.

Q. Can you play tennis with a cheap racket?

Absolutely, yes. Playing tennis with a cheap racket is possible and a great way to get started in the sport. Many people think an expensive racket is necessary to enjoy and excel in tennis. While having top-of-the-line equipment can certainly enhance your game, it is not a requirement.

In fact, starting with an affordable racket has its advantages. For beginners, it allows for more room for error and experimentation without breaking the bank. Also, cheaper tennis rackets are often lighter and easier to maneuver, making it easier for novice players to develop proper technique and footwork.

Q. Does the price of a tennis racket matter?

Yes, the price of a tennis racket definitely matters. As with any sport, investing in the right equipment can significantly improve your performance and overall experience. In the case of tennis, choosing a high-quality tennis racket is essential for achieving optimal results on the court.

One of the main determinants of the cost factor is material – rackets made from premium materials tend to be more expensive. This is not just for show; high-quality materials such as carbon fiber and graphite offer superior strength and stiffness, resulting in increased power and control.

In addition to material, design also plays a crucial role in determining price. Rackets with advanced technology and innovative designs are often pricier, but offer added benefits such as reduced vibration and improved stability on impact. These features can greatly enhance your playing experience by minimizing strain on your arm and improving shot accuracy.

Q. How many tennis rackets should I buy?

While most players typically carry one or two rackets with them during a match, this may not be the case for everyone.

If you regularly play high-intensity matches or tend to hit your shots with a lot of power. In such cases, having only one racket may not suffice, as it could get damaged during the course of a match, leaving you without a backup option.

Personal comfort also plays a significant role in determining how many rackets you should buy. Some players prefer varying levels of string tension depending on their mood and style of play. Carrying multiple pre-strung rackets allows them to switch between different tensions quickly.

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