Wilson Clash 108 Review and Playtest


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Wilson’s newest addition on the Clash line is finally here and is already causing a frenzy among tennis fans. The brand has promised new updates to make this racket more flexible and responsive while also increasing performance and comfort levels. If you are looking for an honest Wilson Clash 108 review before making a purchase, then you are in the right place because I decided to buy it and test it myself, so you don’t have to. 

wilson clash 108 tennis racket review
Wilson Clash 108 v2
Good tennis racket for beginners

Groundstrokes: 8.7

Volleys: 8.5

Serve: 8.7

Returns: 8.4


My expectations were very high, considering the brand reputation and the fact that they have been a trendsetter for years on the market due to their quality standards and innovation. However, I do take all the marketing campaign bold claims with a pinch of salt before I can form an opinion on my own. So, is this racket worth spending your hard-earned money on, and do the updates really make a difference compared to the previous generation? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Wilson Clash 108 Specifications

I have always had the firm conviction that design it’s important, even though it does not impact performance whatsoever. When the package first arrived in the mail, I was impressed with the new aesthetic and the paint job of the Wilson Clash 108. I loved the model edge and the velvet finish that makes it stand out on the court, and dare I say it even can boost any player’s confidence. 

wilson clash 108 review

And as for the Wilson Clash 108 specs, everything points out that it is suitable for beginners and recreational levels. It features an oversized 108 sq. in, with an open string pattern that is loaded with power. It also means a bigger sweet spot and a more forgiving frame to allow a higher margin of error for off-center shots. 

The larger length and beam size suggest more leverage on the court, which is very helpful when reaching for difficult angles. The frame is also quite flexible, allowing a softer response and plow-through for the ball. 

This Wilson tennis racket is lightweight and equally balanced, which makes it easy to maneuver or switch back positions. The brand has used new technology to dampen harsh vibration and the shock impact, making Wilson Clash 108 incredibly comfortable for the arm and shoulder, which can be a perfect option for all injured players or those struggling with tennis elbow. 

Wilson Clash 108 specs:

  • Head size:108 sq. in / 696.77 sq. cm 
  • Length: 27.25 in / 69.22 cm
  • Strung weight: 10.4oz / 295g
  • Balance: 0 pts EB
  • Swingweight: 325
  • Stiffness:63
  • Beam width: 24.5mm / 24.5mm / 24.5mm
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 

Groundstrokes – Score: 8.4

At the groundstrokes, Wilson Clash 108 did everything right and gave me little to complain about. The oversized head offers incredible power levels and even a descend amount of spin, giving me the extra push I need with each shot. In fact, everything about this racket is larger than the standard, including the length and beam width, which made it easier to swing or to reach for higher angles with the strokes. 

As expected, maneuvering this racket was effortless due to the low weight. The flexible frame created the trampoline effect and allowed more dwell time for the ball, giving the player more time to switch positions or grips. Backhand and forehand slices were a true delight, while I enjoyed kick slices too. This racket can generate some serious speed as it moves through the air with great ease, thanks to the dynamic frame. 

It has a massive sweet spot, which is very hard to miss, adding the fun factor to the game. It also makes the racket more forgiving with the off-center shots, allowing a higher margin of errors, which is ideal for beginners that are looking for a learning experience. Overall, it is very comfortable for the arm, and it won’t put unnecessary stress on your arm even after spending hours on the court practicing. 

On the downside, this racket noticeably lacks control and precision, to the point that it can make the performance erratic at times. Hitting targets by executing complex techniques like flat shots is a real struggle. However, this came as no surprise, considering the Wilson Clash 108 specs. This racket strongly appeals to beginners, recreational, or even lower intermediate players.

Volleys – Score: 8.3

Up in the net, Wilson Clash 108 did the job just fine, even though I do have some reservations. What stood out the most was the massive sweet spot and the framing flexibility that made the volleys as easy as they could be. The supersized head can take you some time to get used to, but it is perfect if you are fresh new at the game, and starting to learn the very basics. 

wilson clash 108 review tennis racket

The racket allows a higher margin of errors, too, making it easier to put volleys away. The extra length provided more leverage to reach for more difficult angles. Due to the low weight, it remains maneuverable throughout the game and allows plenty of time to get back into positions. 

I love the racket’s flexibility which creates a trampoline effect on the frame and the soft impact. The power potential is surely one of the best features of this racket, which boosted my confidence at the net, which came in handy to add more depth with each shot while aiming to push the ball deep into the opponent’s court. 

While it can produce some descend spin, I struggled at drop volleys where the angle launch rich would be too high, sometimes, and made me miss targets. Other major drawbacks are the lack of stability and control, which was fully expected, considering the head size and the weight. 

It made the racket feel not reliable and even erratic sometimes, as I failed to redirect the ball or predict its landing. However, this would be a problem only if you are an advanced player. Wilson Clash 108 is made for begginers, who most likely won’t even notice these setbacks. 

Serve – Score: 8.2

On serves, Wilson Clash 108 delivered its best performance. The easy power and the massive sweet spot gave me much-needed confidence on the first and second serves. The extra inches on the length helped me swing fast and keep pace easily. Putting a bit of effort into maximizing spin can help you add depth with each shot, even when aiming for ambitious targets. 

Since this is a very flexible racket, I kept serves low with the ground, which made the opponent’s return significantly harder.

Kick slices were my favorite, while I also enjoyed backhand and forehand slices. Throughout the game, I had no problem maneuvering this lightweight racket which made the serves even more effective. I love how comfortable the arm is; even when missing the off-center shots, you won’t feel the harsh vibration as much.

On the other hand, Wilson Clash 108 did lack control and stability, which can be a big problem if you are a big server with some experience on the court. The perfomance can quickly become erratic, as your shots won’t be as precise. However, you won’t notice these drawbacks if you only aim to learn the techniques. As already mentioned throughout the Wilson Clash 108 review, this is a power racket, suitable for all ranges of beginner or low intermediates at max. 

Returns – Score: 8.0

I promised to keep my Wilson Clash 108 review honest and straightforward, so I have to admit that I wasn’t satisfied with this racket regarding returns. Surprisingly, the high power became overbearing, which made me lose some precious points. It takes some time to get used to its performance, but for this, you have to master timing instead of using extra power. 

wilson clash 108 review

I quickly discovered that the secret to keeping up with my returns was putting extra effort into maximizing spin and staying alert. However, this can become pretty tiring in the end when you feel like losing focus. The lack of control is also an issue, and as a result, I continuously missed targets, or the launching angle was higher than I intended.

On the other hand, there were some positive aspects of this racket, which I enjoyed. Maneuvrability and speed potential are the racket’s best features at returns. It is easy to keep pace and doesn’t feel like you are getting pushed around. It is very comfortable too, and the massive sweet spot offers a soft yet clean feeling at impact. 

What truly impressed me were the new technological updates of the brand that make Wilson Clash 108 surprisingly stable, despite the light weight. This made it much easier to block big serves or redirect the ball. It even encouraged me to be more aggressive when responding to heated exchanges. This definitely made up for the major drawbacks and will provide a good learning experience for beginners. 

However, if you are even slightly advanced, I would recommend looking for other suitable tennis rackets for advanced players

Overall – Score: 8.46

Overall, Wilson Clash 108 tennis racket is a good addition to the iconic Clash line. Safe to say, playing with this racket is a wholesome experience, just like with the other famous brand’s models. If you are a beginner or a low-intermediate player who is serious about the game and want to learn and improve, this is the perfect option. It delivers easy playability, and it remains comfortable until the end. 

The oversized head and the larger size provide easy power and extra leverage on the court that will build your confidence while reaching for different launching angles, even the most difficult ones. It can generate a good amount of spin and speed, allowing the player to practice different, more complex techniques. 

This racket is also very flexible and allows more dwell time for the ball, creating a trampoline effect. While it worked well in the baseline, it performed the best during volleys, where its power potential came shining through. 

On the downside, it noticeably lacked control and stability, making it hard to hit targets constantly and even making the racket feel erratic. However, you would barely notice these drawbacks as a beginner or low intermediate player. I would definitely recommend Clash 108 for those who are fresh at the court; it’s the kind of racket that makes the game fun, even with little to no experience at all. 

Alternative Models

The Wilson Clash 108 review would not be complete without comparing it to the previous design to see how it compares with other tennis rackets with similar features. It’s always good to be aware of the options available in the market so that you’ll be able to make the best choice suited to your need and skills. Let’s take a look! 

Wilson Clash 108 v1 VS v2

Wilson Clash 108 v2 has similar features to its sister model and delivers the same kind of performance. It features an oversized 108 sq. in and has some extra inches on the length and beam width, too, just slightly less than the Clash 108 v1. The frame is loaded with power and has been enhanced technologically to be more forgiving. 

This model is even more flexible and has a massive sweet spot and open string pattern that allow more dwell time for the ball. The only real difference between these two rackets is the balance; Wilson Clash 108 has more weight distributed towards the head, giving it more control and stability. 

The light weight makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and allows enough time to switch positions. This is a racket suitable for all ranges of begginers, low intermediates, and recreational players. You should consider this racket if you want some slightly better precision and if you like the difference in design.


  • Head size: 108 sq. in / 696.77 sq. cm 
  • Length: 27.3 inch / 69.3 cm 
  • Strung weight: 10.5 oz. / 297 g.
  • Balance: 1 pts HH
  • Swingweight: 320
  • Stiffness: 55 
  • Beam width: 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 

Wilson Clash 108 VS 100

Wilson Clash 100 is one of the most popular rackets of the brand. It classifies as a tweener because it features a midsize 100 sq. in head that has an open string pattern. Compared to Clash 108, this frame provides more spin potential and raw power. While it has the same enhanced beam width, the length of the racket is of a standard size, but it still provides enough leverage on the court. 

wilson clash 100 tennis racket review
Wilson Clash 100
Best tennis racket for arm comfort

Groundstrokes: 8.5

Volleys: 8.6

Serve: 8.5

Returns: 8.6


The main difference between these two rackets is in racket weight; Wilson Clash 100 is significantly heavier and can provide more stability and control. During the playtest, it was way easier to redirect the ball or to constantly hit the targets while penetrating deeper on the other side of the court. This is a racket suited more for intermediate players that already have mastered the most important skills of the game. 


  • Head size:100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm
  • Length:27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Strung weight: 11oz / 312g
  • Balance: 7 pts HL 
  • Swingweight: 312
  • Stiffness: 55
  • Beam width:24.5mm / 24.5mm / 24.5mm
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 

Wilson Clash 108 vs. Babolat Pure Drive 

Babolat Pure Drive is probably one of the best-rated tweener rackets on the market. The difference in performance between this racket and Wilson Clash 108 was obvious from the start. It features a smaller head that falls in the mid-size range and can provide a great mix of spin and power. 

Babolat Pure Drive Review
Babolat Pure Drive
Best tennis racket for power

Groundstrokes: 8.8

Volleys: 8.5

Serve: 8.8

Returns: 8.5


The frame is significantly more stiff, leading to less dwell time for the ball, but with added stability and precision. The Babolat racket also weighs more and, as a result, offers more control, helping the player to redirect the ball on purpose. 

Overall, this racket offered easy playability and was comfortable and forgiving, just like Clash 108. It is suitable for advanced beginners to all ranges of intermediate players that are serious about the game and are looking to compete. 


  • Head size:100 sq. in / 645.16 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Strung weight: 11.2oz / 318g
  • Balance: 4 pts HL 
  • Swingweight: 320 
  • Stiffness: 71 
  • Beam width:  23mm / 26mm / 23mm
  • String pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses 


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the latest edition of the Clash line. I must say that I truly enjoyed doing this Wilson Clash 108 review and other similar models. The Wilson racket brand rarely makes a wrong step and always has set golden standards of quality on the market. 

wilson clash 108 tennis racket review
Wilson Clash 108 v2
Good tennis racket for beginners

Groundstrokes: 8.7

Volleys: 8.5

Serve: 8.7

Returns: 8.4


Wilson Clash 108 did not disappoint either, and I can see it becoming a begginers favorite. The new technological updates, design improvements, and features’ versatility really paid off. This high-quality tennis racket makes the game fun and easy, perfect for fresh begginers with no experience aiming to learn basic skills and techniques. Once again, well done, Wilson! 


This review and playtest have explored some of the basic characteristics of the Wilson Clash 108, but what else should you know? Here are some frequently asked questions about this particular racket.

Q: Is Wilson Clash 108 good for beginners?

The Wilson Clash 108 is one of the best rackets for beginners to start out with in their tennis journey. The racquet provides a unique combination of power and control, making it easy for players to make consistent contact with their shots.

Its lightweight and flexible frame makes groundstrokes easier to hit on target, while its spin-friendly design helps you generate more spin with less effort. The 108 square-inch head size will give you a bigger sweet spot which increases your margin of error when hitting shots. 

Q: What is the best tension for Wilson Clash 108?

The best tension for Wilson Clash 108 string is between 50 and 60 lbs. This string tension range provides the perfect balance of power, control, and playability necessary to maximize your game. The sweet spot for this frame is around 55 lbs, but you may need to experiment with slightly higher or lower tensions depending on your swing style and skill level.

At 50 – 60 lbs, you get plenty of power that makes it easier to hit winners while still having a greater degree of control over where the ball goes. You’ll be able to generate a bit more spin as well since strings at these levels are more elastic than those strung at higher tensions putting less stress on them when they contact the ball resulting in better sensations through impact.

Q: Is the Wilson Clash 108 head heavy?

The Wilson Clash 108 is a lightweight racket that is designed for a highly responsive and flexible feel. The balance point of this racket leans toward the head resulting in improved feel and control, higher maneuverability, and increased power potential compared to traditional mid plus types of rackets. It has an optimized weight distribution that provides dynamic control with every swing. 

Q: What strings are recommended for Wilson Clash 108?

For players looking for great stringing options for their Wilson Clash 108 tennis racket, Luxilon Smart is highly recommended. This multifilament tennis string is designed to provide players with a combination of power and control that allows them to maximize their performance on the court. 

The Luxilon Smart has an ultra-thin core which helps generate more energy in shots and provides users with more spin potential due to its textured outer coating. It also offers superior durability compared to many monofilament strings, allowing you to practice and play longer before having to restring your racket. 

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